Nursing Home Settles Gruesome Case For 3.5 Million

In a case that would make any man cringe, a nursing home in Everett, Washington, settled a potential lawsuit for 3.5 million that revolved around inadequate care of a 97-year-old resident who developed penile cancer. The facts of this case are gruesome and graphic.

The plaintiff went to live at a nursing home to be with his wife in 2004. In 2007, a nurse reported to the home’s residential care manager that the plaintiff had a wound on his genitalia. However, the manager went out vacation and apparently forgot about the nurse’s report.

Four months later, doctors made a disturbing discovery. The plaintiff’s genitalia were gone and in its place was gaping wound. In fact, doctors found that the plaintiff’s entire genitalia simply disintegrated.

The Washington Department of Social and Health Services cited the nursing home for failing to provide adequate care to the plaintiff. In addition, the nursing home made the decision to cut back on its certified nursing assistances and put into place two “specialty units” to prevent such lapses in the future.

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