Spokane Personal Injury|Does Tort Reform Create Jobs?

Justinian Lane at Tort Deform found an interesting post from Nicodem & Wilson Bull’s Eye Blog indicating that tort reform does not promote job growth. According to the study, Ohio personal injury lawsuits have dropped over 50% since the enactment of several pieces of legislation that constituted “tort reform.” As said by Brian Wilson,

Ohio’s population is approximately 11 million. Yet, we had a mere 1,705 professional liability lawsuits and a paltry 263 products liability suits in 2009. Does this sound like a litigation explosion or a state bogged down with “too many lawsuits?”

Conclusion: personal injury lawsuits are trending down precipituously every year. But according to the Chamber, if lawsuits have dramatically dropped, it stands to reason that jobs should be exploding in Ohio, n’est pas?

So where are all the Ohio jobs created by tort reform? How does “less lawsuits, more jobs” sound now? Ohio’s economy is reeling, unemployment has never been higher, and the dreaded “personal injury lawsuits” are dropping significantly every year.

The experience from Ohio should be reminder that many of the promises regarding tort reform advocated by Washington state’s political leaders will not take Washington voters to the promise land.

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