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Insurance Law | Jury Awards $19 Million To Man That Had A Portion Of His Medical Bills Wrongly Denied

A case out of California highlights the risk insurance companies run when they second guess medical professionals in a first party context. The plaintiff in this case, Thomas Nickerson, is a paraplegic former Marine. While attempting to get into his  van, … Continue reading

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Spokane Personal Injury | Car Accidents and Whiplash

When I travel to and from work on I-90, it is not unusual for me to see a car accident, typically around the Barker road exit in Spokane Valley or near the Division or Freya exit in Spokane. Due to … Continue reading

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Personal Injury | Hospitals and Hurricane Katrina

Living in Spokane, Washington, it is hard to image the devastation caused by natural events such as an earthquake or hurricane. For example, the power and devastation of the recent earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan is unbelievable. Such an event affects nearly all … Continue reading

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Spokane Personal Injury | Traffic Fatalities Are Down

While browsing the internet, I found an interesting article from the National Safety Council (NSC): The National Safety Council announced today that approximately 34,700 motor vehicle fatalities occurred in 2010. This marks a 3 percent decline from 2009 and the fourth … Continue reading

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Medical Malpractice | Teva Appeals $500 Million Verdict

Teva Pharmaceutical has filed an appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court, requesting that it overturn a $503.5 million dollar jury verdict. The case surrounded the use of Propofol in 50 ml vials that was contaminated with hepatitis C. Although Teva did not supply … Continue reading

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Spokane Personal Injury | Flood Insurance

The tsunami event in Japen triggered the Washington State Insurance Commissioner to release a statement regarding flood insurance. As stated by the release: Unfortunately, if your home, business or property is damaged by increased waves or flooding, your typical homeowner’s policy … Continue reading

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Spokane Personal Injury | Avoiding Catastrophic Failure

Those who know me know that I am not just a personal injury lawyer that practices in Spokane, Washington, but also an amateur historian with a specific focus on World War II naval history (I know, I’m a dork). Recently, I … Continue reading

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Consumer Protection Act | Debt Settlement Firm Must Pay $800,000

I dislike debt settlement firms. These type of firms represent to the consuming public that it can somehow wash away debt and debt collectors. However, these type of firms rarely inform consumers of the various consequences of using their services to … Continue reading

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