Spokane Personal Injury | Surgeons Prone To Error After Night Of Drinking

While surfing the internet, I came across a study indicating that surgeons tend to make more mistakes during surgery after a night of drinking. A summary of the study can be found here.

A new study suggests that surgeons are more error prone and less efficient after a night of drinking than at other times, even if they have no detectable traces of alcohol in their blood.

In the study, researchers threw a dinner party for eight expert surgeons at Yale University and instructed them to drink until they felt intoxicated.

Then, on the following day, the doctors were asked to perform a series of simulated operations via a virtual reality program used to train doctors in laparoscopic surgery, a form of minimally invasive surgery performed with tiny incisions and a fiber-optic camera.

As late as 1 p.m., the surgeons made more errors during the procedure than they did while performing the same operation on the previous day, before drinking. And they were consistently less efficient and less safe when performing a task that involved burning away tissue.

As one might guess, this article touches upon medical malpractice. Should hospitals institute some type of policy preventing surgeons from drinking alcohol the night before a surgery? Should the type of surgery matter, e.g., brian surgery vs. knee surgery?

If you believe that you were a victim of malpractice, please give me a call. Consults are free. I am an attorney that practices personal injury law in the greater Spokane area.

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