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Spokane Personal Injury | Is The Insurance Fair Conduct Act Increasing Questionable Insurance Claims?

According to the Northwest Insurance Council, “questionable” insurance claims have risen 9.3% since 2008 in Washington State. The reason given? The Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA). IFCA allows insureds to sue insurance companies for unreasonably denying insurance claims. IFCA allows for the recovery of … Continue reading

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Case in Brief | Habit Is Not Enough For Summary Judgment

In Moore v. Hagge, the plaintiff was hit by a car driven by Billie Hagge. The plaintiff not only sued Hagge, but also the city of Des Moines, alleging that it failed to provide a safe walkway. The guts of the … Continue reading

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Personal Injury Verdict | Crane Operator Awarded $1.45 Million

A King county jury awarded a former crane operator, Warren Yeakey, $1.45 million for injures he allegedly suffered due to the collapse of a construction crane in Bellevue, Washington. Due to the collapse, Mr. Yeakey was found to be 100 percent disabled by the … Continue reading

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Spokane Personal Injury | Division II Adopts The “Continuous Representation” Rule

Imagine the following situation. John Doe hires an attorney to represent him in a case where the plaintiff claims that he breached a contract. Like many lawsuits, this particular case gets dragged out for over three years. Early in the … Continue reading

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Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer | Family Receives $1.5 Million from City

On August 10, 2010, John T. Williams was shot and killed by a Seattle Police officer. A subsequent investigation by the Police Department’s Firearms Review Board ruled the shooting unjustified. After mediation, the Seattle Police Department agreed to award Williams’ … Continue reading

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