Spokane Personal Injury | Is The Insurance Fair Conduct Act Increasing Questionable Insurance Claims?

According to the Northwest Insurance Council, “questionable” insurance claims have risen 9.3% since 2008 in Washington State. The reason given? The Insurance Fair Conduct Act (IFCA).

IFCA allows insureds to sue insurance companies for unreasonably denying insurance claims. IFCA allows for the recovery of attorney fees, actual damages, and treble damages. The idea behind IFCA is to prompt insurance companies to engage in fair and just claims handling practices.

The Northwest Insurance Council believes that IFCA has instead prompted insureds to sue when questionable insurance claims are denied. According to the Northwest Insurance Council, IFCA “ended up saddling the insurance industry with unnecessary costs, as companies now must weigh paying out a claim they believe to be fraudulent with the possibility of going to court over a refusal to pay.” You can read more here.

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