Accident Attorney | The Importance Of Taking Notes After An Accident

Memories fade. The notes you create can be very important for you as the litigation proceeds. It is common knowledge that the wheels of justice move slowly in our country. A lawsuit can go on for years before it is resolved. Therefore, it is imperative that you write down everything you can after a car accident. Your notes can help you remember how the car accident occurred, your personal injuries, and the emotional toll you went through because of your injuries. Additionally, your notes are invaluable to your accident attorney when he or she is negotiating with an insurance company or opposing counsel.

After the car accident, and as soon as you are able, you should jot down everything you can remember about the accident. You should include facts such as where you were going; the people you were with; the time of the day; the weather and the conditions of the road; the location of the accident; the speed of your vehicle; and the position of your body when the collision occurred.

To the best of your ability, you should also jot down what happened immediately after the accident. Did the individual who caused the accident apologize to you? Did the airbags in your car deploy? Did the police or ambulance arrive on the scene?

You should also create a diary regarding your injuries. You should write down all of your physical and emotional complaints. Remember, medical professionals do not necessarily create good records of all of your pain and suffering. Further, medical professionals write in a very bland and scientific manner. For example, a patient may tell her doctor that she can only sleep one to two hours a night. The rest of the night is spent twisting and turning in bed. However, the patient’s complaint may end up in the doctor’s report as “patient reports difficulty sleeping.” Thus, it is key that you write down the details of all of your physical and emotional complaints.

Finally, you should make good notes regarding your economic losses. You should create a record of all the out-of-pocket expenses that you incurred due to the car accident such as co-payments, insurance deductibles, lost wages, etc. You should also note every day you miss work because of your injuries.

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